Welcome to the Sacred Heart University Online Financial Aid System


Phone: 203-371-7980

Fax: 203-365-7608

E-mail: SFA@sacredheart.edu


Logging in:

  • If you are a first time user, click “First Time User.” Follow the instructions to create your own PIN
  • If you are a returning user, enter 7 digit ID# and your PIN. Your 7 digit ID# includes the first 0.
  •  If you are a returning user and forgot your PIN, click “Forgot PIN.” Follow the instructions to create your PIN.

Main Screen (Hone)
Once you are on the main screen, click Menu and you will then see other options to choose from such as:

Sacred Heart Applications
If there are any Sacred Heart Applications needed, you can complete them there.

Estimated Cost of Attendance & Financial Aid Offer
Allows you to see your estimated cost of attendance and financial aid offer.

College Financing Plan
This is a tool desgined to simplify information that you receive about education costs and financial aid awards when comparing other schools.

Accept Awards
Allows you to see your awarded aid for the YEAR. The awarded amount that you currently see is the maximum, but you are able to lower the amount of some awards (mostly Direct loans). If you wish to change the amount, simply click in the box and change the number.

The next thing that you need to do is choose to either accept or decline the awards. You can click on the drop down menu and switch each award to either “decline” or accept”. If you wish to accept all awards, you can click the “Accept All” option on the bottom right of the screen. After you choose to either accept or decline the awards, you must click SUBMIT in order for the information to go through. If you have already submitted an acceptance or declined an award and need to make a change, you must contact the office of Student Financial Assistance in writing at SFA@sacredheart.edu, in order for us to make the appropriate changes.

Documents & Messaging:
This will show information about all of your required documents. You will see the status of your documents here. They can say “Received”, “Not Received”, “Incomplete” or Not Signed. You will also see the date of the most updated status of your documents. If one of your documents is not received, you may click on the document and the link will take you to required document. You can also see important messaging which includes who your financial aid counselor is, with their contact information.

General SFA Forms
Additional forms that are not required but may be helpful to you.